Honnebier Industrial Valves is a steamtrap specialist.
We have decades of experience with all sorts of steam traps.

There are many sorts of steamtraps and we can offer them all.

Examples :
ARI AWH , Miyawaki , Gestra , Spirax , Bestobell , Velan , Rifox , Ayvaz , Armstrong , TLV , Samson , Douglas , we can offer them or we offer you alternatives from ARI AWH or Miyawaki which suits the best.

For example :

  • we have temperature control steamtraps.
  • Thermostatic steamtraps.
  • Thermodynamic steamtraps.
  • Bimetall steamtraps.
  • Inverted bucket steamtraps.
  • Floating ball steamtraps.
  • More.

Repairs , spare parts , ultrasonic checkers in many ways.

Low pressure , high pressure , DIN or ANSI.
All materials , all certificates.

So if you have an urgent request , let us know.
We are looking forward to your enquiry.


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